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EBW Rider of the Week – Ankit Negi

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What if on a motorcycle trip to Ladakh, you accidentally enter an active military zone? What if you are stopped and interrogated by military personnel? What would be your reaction if they tell you that you’re presently in China occupied Kashmir (Aksai Chin)? Well, our rider of the week Ankit Negi knows for sure! Ankit […]


Know Your Motorcycle #10 – Rims

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What is a Rim? A rim is the inner periphery of the wheel which holds the tyre. A rim creates a frame for the tyre to be mounted on. In simple terms, it’s the rim that gives the wheel its round shape.   Types of Rims Cast Rims – Cast rims are generally made of […]

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  Ever since the discovery of wheel, the tryst of humankind with this tool has seen no bounds. Man understood early that when attached to an axle, the wheel could be harnessed into a means of travel and transportation. In came the cycles and soon thereafter, at the dawn of the industrial revolution, came the […]

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Know Your Motorcycle #9 – Rear Suspension

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What is Rear Suspension? Rear Suspension on a motorcycle serves varied purpose– from handling and braking to protecting the rider from road vibrations and bumps. Rear suspension consists of either a swing arm with Single Shock Absorber (also popularly known together as Mono Shock) or Dual Shock Absorbers. How do shock absorbers work? Shock absorbers […]

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Chalo Befikar Riders!

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At EBW India, we’ve always admired riders; motorcyclists who’ve gone out into the world and said ‘Let’s go. Let’s ride’. The people we really worship though are the ones who’ve taken their love for motorcycling to another level; something beyond just a ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, and who aren’t so much as overcoming obstacles every day, […]

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 Know your bike #8 – Fork

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  What is a Fork? A motorcycle’s fork connects the front wheel to the main body of the bike, typically with the use of triple clamps. It typically consists of the front suspension and front break, and allows the wheels to rotate through the steering axis, which then allows the bike to be steered by […]